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All About Light.

Get the 4-1-1 on how light works in any environment! I break down the 5 characteristics of light that ALL light follows, which will allow you to manipulate any light to work for you. I’ll demonstrate ways you can photograph in harsh, mid-day light, as well as teach you how to tackle those dreaded splotchy lighting. I’ll also show you how to nail your exposure in different lighting conditions. Learn how I troubleshoot common lighting issues to transform even the most unflattering light into beautiful images, indoor and out.

  • Learn the 5 characteristics of light, and how they can work for you.  

  • Master shooting in harsh lighting conditions (and still get dreamy, beautiful images.)  

  • Quickly manipulate light to your advantage.  

  • Establish a recognizable brand with consistent lighting.  

  • Nail your exposure with both digital and/or film photography.  

  • Troubleshoot common lighting issues like splotchy and unflattering lighting.  


Here is what you will have instant access to:

Chapter 1: 


Did you know all light has the same 5 characteristics? Understanding these 5 characteristics will allow you to analyze, adjust and manipulate any lighting situation.  

Chapter 2: 


There are many ways light can hit your subject. Learn how to use the most commonly found types of light, and how each will affect your outcome. After this chapter, you will be able to analyze, choose, and manipulate the light to achieve your desired result. 

Chapter 3: 


Learn how to create beautifully lit photos, even during high noon. Fear no more when you have to do outdoor portraits at 1pm. This chapter will show you several ways to troubleshoot and manage the harsh light, and create gorgeous portraits during a time most photographers dread. 

Chapter 4:  


  Whether you shoot digital or film, learn how to use both your in-camera meter and hand-held meter to nail your exposure in all lighting situations.


What People Are Saying:

I was getting tired of golden hour sessions eating up my weekends and evenings. I wanted that time with my family, and wanted to move towards working during the day while my kids were at school. All About Light is comprehensive without being overwhelming. Each section is broken into digestible bites and the flow of the course is easy to navigate and even skip around in. Caroline is easy to listen to and is approachable in the way she speaks. I love the practical examples and hands-on demonstrations. I especially love the dappled light lesson. The best part is how she gets out there and shows you how the light and shade falls on her.

Janelle Botts

Just spent part of my morning going through Caroline Tran's All About Light Course....and guys...you need to check it out! Especially if you are still learning about the types of light and how to troubleshoot through them. Sometimes as photographers we find ourselves in a variety of lighting situations. Not only does she explain all the types of light (including color), but how to shoot in it. It's full of videos and visual examples as she walks us through.

Marta Locklear